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Which Part Do I Need?
Fixes Cracked Screens Scratches
Fixes Display problems (can't see apps, lines, blurry text) Unresponsive Touch, Cracked Screens

Glass Screen: This is the front outer glass over the LCD. It is a very economical way to fix your cracked screen.

LCD Display: The front outer glass + Digitizer + LCD all fused together. Fixes cracked glass, touch problems and display problems (Can't see apps etc). Easier repair than the glass screen.

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Finding Your iPhone Model Number
Model Model Number
iPhone XR A1984 | A2105 | A2106 | A2107
iPhone XS Max A1921 | A2101 | A2102 | A2104
iPhone XS A1920 | A2097 | A2098 | A2100
iPhone X A1865 | A1901 | A1902
iPhone 8 Plus A1864 | A1897 | A1898
iPhone 8 A1863 | A1905 | A1906
iPhone 7 A1660 | A1778 | A1785
iPhone 6s A1633 | A688
iPhone 6s Plus A1634 | A1687
iPhone 6 A1586 | A1589 | A1549
iPhone 6 Plus A1522 | A1524 | A1593
iPhone model number on the bottom of the phone
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Finding Your iPad Model Number
Model Model Number
iPad Mini 4 A1538 | A1550
iPad Mini 3 A1599 | A1600
iPad Mini 1 & 2 A1432 | A1454 | A1455 | A1489 | A1490 | A1491
iPad Air 2 A1566 | A1567
iPad Air 1 A1474 | A1475 | A1476
iPad 6 (2018) A1893 | A1954
iPad 5 (2017) A1822 | A1823
iPad 4 A1458 | A1459 | A1460
iPad 3 A1416 | A1430 | A1403
iPad 2 A1395 | A1396 | A1397
iPad model number is on the back of your iPad
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Finding Your Phone Model Number
Android Phone(Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola etc)
  1. Click the Menu button and select System Settings
  2. Scroll down through the list toward the bottom
  3. Tap About Phone
  4. Locate your model name and number in the list
Nokia Lumia
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap About
  3. Your model name and number will be displayed in the Phone Information sectopm
HTC, LG and older Nokia phones
  1. Remove the back cover
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Your model number will be printed on the inside of the phone, usually on a white label
  1. Type in *#0000# on your phone's keypad. The display shows your phone's model.
Window Phones
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap About
  3. Tap More Info
  4. Locate model number
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Glass Screen Replacement Guide

How to Replace a Glass Screen on a Mobile device

What you need to replace a glass screen 

Our screen repair kit includes the glass screen, specialized tools, and adhesive to complete this repair.

Glass Screen replacements have an increased level of difficulty (as noted on the product listing). The glass will need to be separated from the LCD (not included). A full LCD replacement is the easiest screen replacement.

Preparation and setup for the repair

Prepare for the repair by doing the following:

  • Allow 1-2 hours to perform the repair. You’ll avoid most mistakes by working slowly and carefully through the repair steps.

  • It will be necessary to remove and reinstall many small screws. These screws vary in size and length. Keep track of each screw so that you can easily reinstall them in the correct place. If you insert a screw into an incorrect location, you could damage the device.

  • Keep all components and parts well organized. Work on a well-lit, white base such as a sheet of paper or paper towel, which will help to avoid misplacement or loss of parts.

  • Be sure to minimize the potential for transfer of static electricity, which could damage your device. Ensure that you have a clean, hard-surface workspace. Ideally, work in a room without carpet flooring.

  • If possible, use latex gloves or work on rubber mat that is designed for anti-static work. You could also use a household table placemat.

  • Use proper grounding techniques, such as wearing an anti-static wrist strap (available in our store). Or, touch a steel table leg to discharge any static. 

Additional items

Gather these additional items to use during the repair:

  • Scotch tape

  • Hair dryer or heat gun

  • Playing card, credit card, razor blade, utility knife, or putty knife

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Guitar picks (in tool kit) to pry edges of screen

Step 1: Preparing the Phone or Device for Repair 

Before doing any repairs on the device, switch off the phone and remove the battery. Take precautions to prevent the broken glass from shattering when removing the old screen. Apply Scotch tape over the broken glass to hold the shards together during removal of the screen glass. 

Step 2: Loosening the Glass 

Strong adhesive holds the screen in place. Begin by applying heat to the edges, using either a hair dryer or a heat gun. Direct the hot air toward the edges of the glass until it starts to loosen. When the adhesive loosens, slide the plastic pry tool (playing card, razor blade, or utility knife) between the top of the glass and the frame. Insert spacers along the length of the opening to keep the screen separated from the frame. This may require a few attempts to do it correctly.

After separating the screen, DO NOT ENTIRELY REMOVE the screen. To avoid damage to the delicate flex-cable, ensure the angle between screen and body is less than 90 degrees.

TIP: Do not force or pry your screen apart. Heating the adhesive allows the screen to be separated. Using extreme force to pry the screen off can damage LCD and digitizer or flex cables.

WARNING: Gently handle the flex-cables and connectors, since they are fragile.

Step 3: Clean and prepare the LCD 

Lift away the glass screen, revealing the LCD beneath. Clean this display with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust or traces of adhesive. When the LCD is completely clean, apply the strips of double-sided tape to each edge to hold the new glass screen in place. 

Step 4: Applying adhesive 

You need specialized double-sided adhesive for the repair. This is very thin and fits perfectly around the edge of the replacement glass screen. If you are using the 2mm adhesive, simply pull off each strip with tweezers and cut if necessary, Then apply the adhesive to all edges. Also, apply strips to the center of the solid parts at both the top and bottom of the screen. This tape will hold the new glass screen in place. 

Watch this video on how to use double-sided adhesive: 

NOTE: Replacement screens can be secured using adhesive tape strips or UV glue. While the UV glue provides a stronger, longer-lasting bond, the adhesive strips are much easier and safe to use. Use of UV glue requires a curing lamp, and the glue can damage the device if too much of it seeps into other parts of the device. We don't recommend using glue if this is your first repair. The UV glue and curing lamp can be purchased separately. 

Step 5: Fitting the New Glass Screen 

The final step in this repair process is to remove the protective plastic covering from the new glass screen and place it onto the device phone. Press down firmly on all edges edge of the screen to ensure good contact between the glass and the adhesive tape. 


Keep these tips in mind as you perform the repair:

  • Keep track of all screws It will be necessary to remove and reinstall many small screws. These screws vary in size and length. Keep track of each screw so that you can easily reinstall them in the correct place. If you insert a screw into an incorrect location, you could damage the device.

  • Keep all pieces organized and numbered and work on a well lit white paper base so that you can see any little pieces that might go missing.

Phone Remedies is not responsible for any damage to devices during installation.



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