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Which Part Do I Need?
Fixes Cracked Screens Scratches
Fixes Display problems (can't see apps, lines, blurry text) Unresponsive Touch, Cracked Screens

Glass Screen: This is the front outer glass over the LCD. It is a very economical way to fix your cracked screen.

LCD Display: The front outer glass + Digitizer + LCD all fused together. Fixes cracked glass, touch problems and display problems (Can't see apps etc). Easier repair than the glass screen.

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Finding Your iPhone Model Number
Model Model Number
iPhone 7 A1660 | A1778 | A1785
iPhone 6s A1633 | A688
iPhone 6s Plus A1634 | A1687
iPhone 6 A1586 | A1589 | A1549
iPhone 6 Plus A1522 | A1524 | A1593
iPhone 5s A1453 | A1457 | A1518 | A1528 | A1530 | A1533
iPhone 5c A1456 | A1507 | A1526 | A1529 | A1532
iPhone 5 A1428 | A1429 | A1442
iPhone model number on the bottom of the phone
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Finding Your iPad Model Number
Model Model Number
iPad Mini 4 A1538 | A1550
iPad Mini 3 A1599 | A1600
iPad Mini 1 & 2 A1432 | A1454 | A1455 | A1489 | A1490 | A1491
iPad Air 2 A1566 | A1567
iPad Air 1 A1474 | A1475 | A1476
iPad 4 A1458 | A1459 | A1460
iPad 3 A1416 | A1430 | A1403
iPad 2 A1395 | A1396 | A1397
iPad model number is on the back of your iPad
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Finding Your Phone Model Number
Android Phone(Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola etc)
  1. Click the Menu button and select System Settings
  2. Scroll down through the list toward the bottom
  3. Tap About Phone
  4. Locate your model name and number in the list
Nokia Lumia
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap About
  3. Your model name and number will be displayed in the Phone Information sectopm
HTC, LG and older Nokia phones
  1. Remove the back cover
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Your model number will be printed on the inside of the phone, usually on a white label
  1. Type in *#0000# on your phone's keypad. The display shows your phone's model.
Window Phones
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap About
  3. Tap More Info
  4. Locate model number
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This iPhone 6 screen replacement shipped very fast! and it seems to be working great too! would recommend Phone Remedies to anyone I know who needs a screen replacement!

Julie B: Los Angeles

Highly recommend always purchasing from Phone Remedies with any screen needs. I've tried other screens and I always come back to Phone Remedies because I know it will be excellent quality and they provide excellent service.

Tom P: Frankfurt

Great product. I was able to replace my wife's screen in just about an hour. The tools were exactly what I needed. My only warning is to be careful to keep track of the screws and know which ones go where. My wife now has a perfectly working iPhone with a gorgeous screen. Thanks, guys.

Shawn M: Lancaster



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