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Which Part Do I Need?
Fixes Cracked Screens Scratches
Fixes Display problems (can't see apps, lines, blurry text) Unresponsive Touch, Cracked Screens

Glass Screen: This is the front outer glass over the LCD. It is a very economical way to fix your cracked screen.

LCD Display: The front outer glass + Digitizer + LCD all fused together. Fixes cracked glass, touch problems and display problems (Can't see apps etc). Easier repair than the glass screen.

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Finding Your iPhone Model Number
Model Model Number
iPhone XR A1984 | A2105 | A2106 | A2107
iPhone XS Max A1921 | A2101 | A2102 | A2104
iPhone XS A1920 | A2097 | A2098 | A2100
iPhone X A1865 | A1901 | A1902
iPhone 8 Plus A1864 | A1897 | A1898
iPhone 8 A1863 | A1905 | A1906
iPhone 7 A1660 | A1778 | A1785
iPhone 6s A1633 | A688
iPhone 6s Plus A1634 | A1687
iPhone 6 A1586 | A1589 | A1549
iPhone 6 Plus A1522 | A1524 | A1593
iPhone model number on the bottom of the phone
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Finding Your iPad Model Number
Model Model Number
iPad Mini 4 A1538 | A1550
iPad Mini 3 A1599 | A1600
iPad Mini 1 & 2 A1432 | A1454 | A1455 | A1489 | A1490 | A1491
iPad Air 2 A1566 | A1567
iPad Air 1 A1474 | A1475 | A1476
iPad 6 (2018) A1893 | A1954
iPad 5 (2017) A1822 | A1823
iPad 4 A1458 | A1459 | A1460
iPad 3 A1416 | A1430 | A1403
iPad 2 A1395 | A1396 | A1397
iPad model number is on the back of your iPad
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Finding Your Phone Model Number
Android Phone(Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola etc)
  1. Click the Menu button and select System Settings
  2. Scroll down through the list toward the bottom
  3. Tap About Phone
  4. Locate your model name and number in the list
Nokia Lumia
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap About
  3. Your model name and number will be displayed in the Phone Information sectopm
HTC, LG and older Nokia phones
  1. Remove the back cover
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Your model number will be printed on the inside of the phone, usually on a white label
  1. Type in *#0000# on your phone's keypad. The display shows your phone's model.
Window Phones
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap About
  3. Tap More Info
  4. Locate model number
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Customer Reviews

iPhone 13 Screen Replacement

Whether you're a lifelong do-it-yourselfer or you're fixing your iPhone 13 for the very first time, Phone Remedies offers the iPhone 13 screen replacement kits that include everything you need to get the job done right and won't find elsewhere. If you need a replacement screen for your iPhone 13 we have the screen for you. You can fix your cracked or smashed iPhone 13 glass with either our iPhone 13 Glass screen replacement or the iPhone 13 screen replacement with LCD.

Our iPhone 13 Repair Kits will restore your phone to factory condition.  They include screen repair tools and adhesive to get the job done from the comfort of your home. Our screens are made from the highest quality, shatter-resistant glass that has been treated to be resistant against oils and fingerprints. It has been laser cut to be a perfect fit on your device. When properly installed, we doubt you would be able to tell that the screen has ever been repaired.

Phone Remedies can help you repair your phone and get you back to life quickly. Best of all, with our everyday low rates, special offers and an incredible selection of high-quality mobile parts, you'll never pay more than you should for the iPhone 13 parts you need.

Shop at Phone Remedies© to find an affordable iPhone 13 screen replacement kit to complete an easy, at-home repair for your phone. Fortunately, minor damage to your display doesn't necessarily make your phone unusable. At Phone Remedies©, you can find an affordable iPhone 13 screen replacement kit that allows you to complete a DIY repair at home. There are no long waits at repair shops or expensive replacement phones necessary. Just use a few simple tools and replacement parts and your phone will be like new once again. Learn more about our iPhone 13 screen repair options and shop for cool phone accessories at Phone Remedies©.

 iPhone 13 Accessories

While you are fixing your device, let us assist you defend it. We provide iPhone 13 tempered glass display screen protectors and instances to shield your front glass from scratches and bumps.

Fix your iPhone 13 today with one of Phone Remedies Screen Replacement Kits. Let us help you fix your screen, battery, LCD, or digitizer. FREE SHIPPING available and same day shipping. Buy now! Fix your iPhone 13 screen, battery, LCD, or digitizer today! FREE SHIPPING and same day shipping are available! Phone Remedies has kits and parts to help you fix your phone, one-stop-shop for repairing your iPhone 13. DIY phone repair made easy. Shop our iPhone 13 Parts and Screen Replacement Kit now.

which part do i need?

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Customer Spotlight

Mark T Do-it-Yourselfer

"worked great, saved a ton of money on repairing a broken screen!

Claire M Mom of 3

"Best packaged set I've ordered yet and I have kids so I tend to repair ALOT of phones

John L Repair Shop

"I run a repair shop and these screens just work proper unlike many others I have purchased.

Candace P Full Time Student

"It was perfect from A to Z the product , the price, shipping time all perfect thank you



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